M. Chapoutier

Domaine Chapoutier is a wine estate located in the Rhône Valley, in the Hermitage appellation. Despite the many wine properties and diversifications of Maison Chapoutier, the origin of Chapoutier is still in Hermitage. It also purchases grapes (trading) and wines from the appellation. Domaine Chapoutier extends over 48 hectares, including 36 hectares for red wines and 12 hectares for white wines. Since 1990, Michel Chapoutier has been at the head of the company.

From then on, he undertook to change the working method and switch to biodynamic viticulture. In Hermitage, "De l'Orée" is only produced in white. The grape variety, Marsanne, displays superb elegance and purity. "Le Greffieux" (locality) only exists in red. From a more clayey terroir which marks the Syrahs with their more gourmet generosity. The "Méal" and "L'Ermite" cuvées are available in red and white. "Le Pavillon" only produced in red is richer. "Les Bessards" the syrahs are planted on micro-terraces facing south and south-east, offering the slightest vine stock to the sun.

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Founded more than two centuries ago, Maison M. Chapoutier has always belonged to the same family. Polydor Chapoutier was the first, in 1808, to acquire vines. Today the House covers nearly 360 hectares. Since 1808, the Chapoutier name has existed in the Rhône Valley. The distant ancestor Polydor Chapoutier was the first to start buying vines, thus moving from the status of winemaker of an estate to that of winemaker, wine producer and merchant. The pioneering spirit was already in the family. Since 1990, Michel, in his forties, has been at the head of an exceptional vineyard. A land rich in history and traditions. Passionate about the expression of soils, Michel gives his convictions the means to flourish. Breaking choices, to successfully synthesize the past with the audacity that is its own. History of time. As with every element of nature. Time and Earth. The roots, the vine and the fruit. From there were born all the wealth and generosity of Maison M. Chapoutier. Maison Chapoutier owns many wine estates in Alsace, Roussillon, but also in Australia and Portugal. The wines under the name of Maison Chapoutier are those resulting from the trading activity, with the exception of the parcel grand crus.