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Specially Designed Packaging

Our packaging meets all the requirements of our numerous shipping partners, for international shipping in particular. Specially designed for shipping fragile bottles, it offers excellent results in terms of solidity and resistance to thermal variance. 

A specially designed box

We ship our bottles in special polystyrene boxes. Their protective qualities are exceptional and they guarantee that your bottles are shipped with the greatest care:

  • Excellent protection against all impact
  • Thermal insulation to protect against temperature variations
  • Protection against light
  • Molding to the shape of the bottle in the smallest details

If you keep them as a mini-cellar, they will ensure excellent storage conditions for your bottles.

Our boxes are 100% recyclable and comply with the ECO-PSE European standards. You can recycle the boxes by following the selective sorting guidelines at home.

Protected Labels

To ensure the optimal protection of the labels, each bottle is wrapped in tissue paper. If the label is extremely fragile, we may choose to cover the label in plastic wrap that you can remove if you wish. It protects the paper from frictions and stabilize the label in its original condition.

Shipping insurance

When an individual orders at SoDivin, s/he benefits from optimal protection. Our prices include insurance that covers the following risks:

  • Breakage
  • Loss
  • Theft

In the rare case that one of these events happens, you will be asked to provide supporting documents. You will then be reimbursed the full amount of your order.

Carefully selected shippers

Secure shipping can only be ensured by a reputable and trustworthy carrier. All the carriers and services offered have been selected for their reliability and the protection they give to the buyer.

Traceability and transparency are essential to us for your serenity. This is why all our deliveries are systematically made against signature.


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