Château Lafleur

The Château Lafleur is a french estate of Bordeaux. Located in Pomerol appellation, the vineyard has only 4,5 hectares seulement. Château Lafleur is one of the most rarest wine in the world. Made from merlot and cabernet franc (50% et 50%), the wines of the Château are exceptionnal. All these elements and limited production (averaging 12,000 bottles, one of the smallest with Le Pin Pomerol) explain the high price of Château Lafleur. Furthemore, Château Lafleur produces a second wine called "Les Pensées de Lalfeur ".

The great vintage of Château Lafleur are 1929, 1953 and 1985 vintage. Also, we suggest the Château Lafleur 1986, Château Lafleur 1989, the Lafleur 2003. Finally, the Château Lafleur 1982 and Lafleur 2005 are excellent.