Champagne Pommery

Pommery is a Champagne house located in Reims. Founded in 1836, it was not until 1874 that Madame Pommery, the founder, created the first brut champagne: Pommery Nature 1874. Considered the largest Champagne vineyard, Pommery covers no less than 670 hectares. This area is exclusively devoted to Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Maison Pommery produces different cuvées: Pop, Apanage, cuvée Louise (in homage to Madame Pommery), the Brut cuvée and the "Clos de Pompadour" range of cuvées. The latter bears the charming name of Madame de Pompadour.

These wines come from the 25 hectares of "Clos de Pompadour" within the walls of Domaine Pommery. For a tasting, we recommend the Pommery Brut Royal 2005 and the Pommery Cuvée Louise 1998.

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In 1836 is founded the future home Pommery Narcisse Greno. Twenty years later, he was joined by Mr. Pommery. And it is following the untimely death of the latter that will truly begin the saga Pommery. It was his wife, Jeanne-Alexandrine Louise Melin who took charge of the establishment in 1858. In recent years, it will profoundly transform and modernize the house Pommery. Under his leadership, sales have increased, and Mrs Pommery ambitious undertaking work to build buildings Elizabethan style, on what was then only a vacant. It was in 1870 that the gigantic work begins to build a domain architecture that English must remind its customers, mostly British, their native. The yard is huge, must be drilled underground tunnels to link the some 120 who crayères truffent field. A network of 18 km of galleries chalk then see the day, dug by miners that the house of Pommery brought northern France. But another stroke of genius from Mrs Pommery cellars was to automate its. It was installed in the galleries a rail system for attaching the wicker baskets to transport the bottles quickly and easily. . In tribute to this great lady of Champagne, the house created a wonderful wine: Cuvée Louise. . In 2002, the company integrates Vranken Monopole Pommery its Group. .