Château Rayas

Rayas is a french estate located in the south of the Rhône region. Purchased in 1980 by Albert Reynaud, four generations of winegrowers have succeeded in bringing this small family estate of 10 hectares up the ranks and produce great wines. The estate produces its wines under the Châteauneuf-du-Pape appellation.

Today the Rayas estate is managed and directed by Emmanuel Reynaud, great-grandson of Albert Reynaud. He also operates the Domaine des Tours and Fonsalette bought by his father Jacques Reynaud several years ago. Under the Châteauneuf-du-Pape appellation, the estate cultivates Grenache grapes for red wines as well as for white wines with Clairette.

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Albert Reynaud, the great-grandfather of Emmanuel Reynaud, then a notary in the vicinity of Avignon, who had become deaf at the age of 45, had to convert: for this he bought Rayas in 1880 for the to exploit.

In 1920, thanks to his son Louis Reynaud, the Rayas wine was bottled; local and national distribution then begins. In 1935-38 Louis bought the Domaine des Tours, located in Sarrians, an agricultural and polyculture property, and entrusted it to his son Bernard. Louis also bought in 1945 the Château de Fonsalette, located in the commune of Lagarde-Paréol, property of ten hectares of vines.

In 1978, Jacques Reynaud, the youngest son of Louis, succeeded his father and operated Rayas and Fonsalette: he vinified many vintages there, and was particularly interested in the balance of the soil and its impact on the quality of the wines.

Since 1997, Emmanuel Reynaud, Jacques' nephew, has taken over the management and operation of the estates. Before the death of his uncle, he already operated the Domaine des Tours where he had created the cellar and developed marketing in 1989. Today, Emmanuel Reynaud operates the three estates with the help of his employees.