Domaine Montirius

Montirius it’s a southern Rhone estate. The 58-hectare domaine includes 38 different sites in Vacqueyras, Gigondas and nearby Côtes du Rhône and Vin de Pays. Proprietors Eric and Christine Saurel have been practicing biodynamics since 1996. Daughters Justine and Manon are now both working with their parents at the domaine. Montirius has a unique terroir that is expressed through the wines of the estate such as the “Confidential”, “Le Clos” and “Terre des Aînés”.

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At Montirius, the names of cuvées were not chosen by chance:

  • Le Clos: A protective place of century-old oak trees surrounding the plot, a grand cru clay. The place is totally closed hence its name of cuvée.
  • Terre des Aînés: The “Terre des Aînés” cuvée is so named because the large 10-hectare plot that composes it has always been given as a heritage for 5 generations to the eldest of the siblings.
  • Confidentiel: The vine located in a corner of the large plot of 10 hectares. “La Beaumette” gave birth to this wine. Discovered during our pre-blending tastings in 2004. This newcomer surprised the owners with its fullness and great harmony, despite its youth. Two choices were offered to them, make a blend identical to other years and make this gift of nature disappear or accept not to understand and share our discovery with lovers of Montirius by bottling it separately. This is how its name was born, because it is a confidence of the place.