RUINART Réserve Baron Philippe de Rothschild 1943
RUINART Réserve Baron Philippe de Rothschild 1943
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1943 RUINART Réserve Baron Philippe de Rothschild 1943

Condition : Good

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Information on the vintage 1943 Champagne: A very good year, more successful than in any other classic French wine region and the first major vintage to be shipped after the war. Also, freshly disgorged in 1953 it was sold in Britain as the Coronation Cuvée to celebrate the accession of Queen Elizabeth II.
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Appellation Champagne
Colour Champagne
Volume 0.75 l
Country France
Château Ruinart
Champagne Ruinart Champagne house is established on 1 September 1729 by Nicolas Ruinart in Reims, the nephew of the Benedictine monk Dom Thierry Ruinart. It is one of the oldest Champagne houses still in operation after the house Gosset, founded in 1584. Ruinart Champagne is a prestigious champagne house to the origin of "taste RUINART" which is characterized by the finesse, elegance and distinction. Champagne Ruinart: a house that through the centuries and its successors will always be the priority culture of excellence, mediated by the core values of authenticity, openness, refinement and quality .... This quest for perfection is illustrated particularly by dominant Chardonnay, which is a component of the full range of Ruinart and Dom Ruinart prestige brands, such as a golden thread that magnifies champagnes. Chardonnay illuminates all these wines, he exalts the glory, gives them so special that this fluidity can be recognized among all. All these characteristics over time perpetuating the culture and lifestyle of Ruinart, which arises today esthete champagne across the world...