2002 ROEDERER Cristal Magnum 2002

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2002 ROEDERER Cristal Magnum 2002

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19 / 20
Jancis Robinson
Jancis Robinson

(06-2019) Magnum. Late release of the original cuvée. Disgorged 2009. These magnums were put aside because so many of Lécaillon's peers thought Cristal 2002 was released too young. Many said it wasn’t that great a vintage initially. Richer nose – so much richer than the Cristal 2008! Lemon posset. Concentrated and quite dense. Heavier glasses than in the tasting room made the wine feel a bit heavy initially. Quite exceptionally persistent. Great undertow. In bottles Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon sees a strong vanilla note, because of light overripeness – very rare in Champagne. ‘Usually I pick a week after everyone else but in 2002 I picked a week earlier.’ He still picks later than most, even with biodynamics, ‘because still people pick on numbers'. 

98 / 100
Robert PARKER - The Wine Advocate
Robert PARKER - The Wine Advocate

(05-2018) Roederer's 2002 Cristal is a fabulous wine! Originally released in 2009, it was re-released in March this year—and was sold out in a very short time. The Cristal I tasted at Roederer in May 2018 was disgorged in 2010, after seven years sur lie. Its amazing richness and concentration makes it a forerunner of the 2015 and follows the 1999. Only two times—2002 and 2015—the fruit from all 42 plots reserved for Cristal was used for the Cristal. "I couldn't do any better blend than the one assembling all the 42 plots," says Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon, stressing that at that time only two hectares were farmed biodynamically. As a result of the conversion to biodynamic farming, Lécaillon promised himself the production of even more beautiful, vital and balanced wines, and you can feel his satisfaction whenever he speaks of the cuvées that are yet to come such as 2012 and 2015, the latter of which he calls "the new 2002." Back to history: the nose of the 2002 Cristal shows a deep, ripe and elegant fruit with aromas of white chocolate, wet chalk, wild vanilla and pepper (typical for 2002) as well as terroir-driven truffle notes. Intense and very elegant in the mouth, this is a ripe, rich and concentrated yet also pure and vital Cristal with great finesse, elegance and mineral complexity. It's a sublime Champagne right now, although it's more wine than Champagne.

100 / 100

(12-2009) Wine & Spirits Magazine

Vintage 2002
Rating 95-100
Region Champagne
Appellation Champagne
Colour Champagne
Volume 1.50 l
Price More than 300 €
100/100 Yes
Château Roederer
Country France
Château informations

Dans une coupe, Roederer se déplace dans une atmosphère dorée, chargée de peu de matière. S’annoncent d’abord des parfums de jeunesse de citrons et de fleurs blanches fraîchement coupées. Puis, la vanille s’élève du verre. Enfin, avec l’âge, Roederer libère des effluves complexes de caramel et de chocolat. Sa vraie signature. Le secret de ces parfums riches et complexes ? Il tient à la liqueur de tirage, ce précieux nectar ajouté directement dans les bouteilles de Champagne pendant leur vieillissement. La liqueur des champagnes Roederer provient exclusivement des plus grands vins du vignoble maison, volontairement oubliés en barriques de chêne pendant quatre à dix ans. Dégustés purs et seuls, ces nectars pourraient rivaliser avec les plus grands Bourgognes blancs. Au palais, l’amateur reste fasciné par ce vin de grand danseur au corps nerveux et mince. Un rêve d’élégance superlative, de fête éclatante qui ne finira jamais. Dans le tourbillon rythmé du mouvement et de la danse. La fête impériale ressuscitée. Une valse virevoltante et féérique.

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