1942 Vintage wine

1942 Vintage wine

The 1942 vintage, great successes in Burgundy and Rhône

The Bordeaux region did not benefit from the mild weather: a particularly wet and cold year. Bordeaux red wines are still correct but full-bodied and tannic.

This is a superb vintage for the Sauternes. They are powerful and very good. We will favor the Château d‘Yquem 1942, Château Filhot 1942 and Château Rayne Vigneau 1942.

In Burgundy, the wines of the 1942 vintage are fine and light. The Bourgogne 1er Cru and Bourgogne Grand Cru are of good quality. Despite some frosts during the winter and a severe drought in the summer season, the winegrowers of the Rhône valley produced excellent wines. The red wines are fine and full of flavor.

A wine of 1942 is the best idea for an anniversary wine gift to celebrate an event or a 80th anniversary...

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