1924 Vintage wine

1924 Vintage wine

Our opinion on the 1924 vintage : a surprising vintage of great quality

In Bordeaux, 1924 is a beautiful vintage. In spite of a rather cold spring and a wet summer, the beautiful month of September allowed the harvest to be a success. The wines are rich and delicate. Moreover, in 1924, a significant change occurred in the bottling of wine, thanks to the initiative of Philippe Rothschild who persuaded other producers of great wines to start bottling their wine directly at the château.

In Sauternes, it is a great success. Indeed, the sweet wines are of superior quality this year. The Sauternes of 1924 are rather seductive, ripe and always pleasant to taste.

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In Burgundy, the weather was very favorable to the ripening of the grapes this year, with a cool, flowery spring followed by a hot summer. Although the vines were able to withstand the rains before the harvest, the lack of sunshine during the summer made itself felt. The 1924 vintage was average in Burgundy, the red wines were full-bodied and rich in alcohol, but with little tannin. 

In the Rhone Valley, the 1924 vintage is considered quite correct and much more interesting in terms of quality than the two previous years.

In Champagne, all the enemies of the vine seem to have conspired to create a harvest that often lacks maturity. However, houses such as Bollinger, Deutz and Philipponnat were luckier or more skilful and chose to celebrate the vintage despite everything.


Our advice for buying a 1924 wine

The red wines of Bordeaux from 1924 are elegant and long-lived. The best wines from this vintage are: Chateau Lafite Rothschild 1924, Chateau Latour 1924, and Chateau Margaux 1924.

The Sauternes of 1924 are exquisite, almost on a par with legendary vintages for sweet wines such as 1921 and 1929 as evidenced by Château Rayne Vigneau 1924 and Château Filhot 1924 et le Château Climens 1924.

It is better to choose red wines over white wines in Burgundy this year.

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Give a 1924 wine, an excellent gift idea

A 1924 wine is the perfect gift for a birthday.

Are you looking for a great 1924 wine? Would you like to give a 1924 wine as a gift or simply enjoy a 1924 wine? Explore our unique cellar and find your bottle of wine. Giving a great anniversary wine is an original and noticeable gift. For the celebration of an event or the anniversary of your company... So many occasions to offer a vintage wine to mark the event.

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