1906 Vintage wine

1906 Vintage wine

Our opinion on the 1906 vintage: wines of very good quality throughout France

Whether in Bordeaux, Sauternes or in the Burgundy region, the 1906 vintage offers great wines.

In Bordeaux, it was a great vintage, with surprisingly powerful wines, although they took a long time to make. The red wines are robust and of great quality, but most have reached their peak. The Sauternes are exceptional, though a notch below 1904, with rich, smooth sweet white wines.

In Burgundy, the small crop offers an amazing concentration of as well as a very high natural sugar. The reds are very long-lived while the whites were of a slightly higher quality.

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In the Rhone Valley, 1906 was a good year, correct and satisfactory.

In Champagne, it was a superb year, vintage by all the big houses.


Our advice for buying a 1906 wine

In Sauternes as in Champagne, the wines can still be superb.

In Burgundy, go for wines from the Right Bank of the Serein, which unlike Chablis, were spared the violent storm.

Each bottle of wine is carefully packed in a specialized case. Buy and receive the next day with 24h delivery. Our team is at your disposal for any information request. Do not hesitate to contact us.


Give a 1906 wine, an excellent gift idea

A 1906 wine is the perfect gift for a birthday.

Are you looking for a great 1906 wine? Would you like to give a 1906 wine as a gift or simply enjoy a 1906 wine? Explore our unique cellar and find your bottle of wine. Offering a great wine anniversary is an original and noticed gift. For the celebration of an event or the anniversary of your company... So many occasions to offer a vintage wine to mark the event.

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