Médoc Classification - Cru Bourgeois

Médoc Classification - Cru Bourgeois

The Crus Bourgeois come from the Médoc in Bordeaux. Since 1932 this ranking allows wines to be rewarded for their qualities as the 1855 classification cannot be modified. 

Since 2003 the classification of “Crus Bourgeois” of Bordeaux wines consists of:

- crus bourgeois (151 properties)

- crus bourgeois supérieurs (87 properties)

- exceptional crus bourgeois (9 properties including Château Haut-Marbuzet, Chasse-Spleen, Labégorce-Zédé, Phélan Ségur, Les Ormes de Pez, Château de Pez, Poujeaux, Potensac and Château Siran)

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In the 19th century, "Cru Bourgeois" came from an old classification. In fact, in Médocs wines, there were three classifications according to the social status of the winegrower: Crus Bourgeois, Crus artisans and Crus paysans. The classification of Crus Bourgeois was recognized in 1978.

It was updated in 2003 and has since been called "The Official Classification of Crus Bourgeois" and includes eight appellations of the Médoc. Some châteaux are part of the classification of crus bourgeois since its creation in 1932, such as the château du Taillan.

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